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Naval Glossary

Traditional Boats & Tall Ships Magazine Celebrating Maritime Heritage

US Naval History

Great Britain's National Maritime Museum

John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page (Incredible amount of nautical-related material)

The U.S. Navy Museum

Sail the H.M.S. Surprise Simulator

Naval Uniforms

National Maritime Historical Society-Sea History

Privateer Media   


Maritime Museums

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Hudson River Maritime Museum

Mystic Seaport   

The Halfmoon 

HMS Surprise (San Diego Maritime Museum) 

Hudson River Sloop Woody Guthrie




G. Gedney Godwin 

Market Fair Sutlers

Lee Valley Boat Fittings

Smoke and Fire

Track of the Wolf (shooting supplies)

Madam Joan's Wee Wiggies

Lee Valley (boat fasteners)

Hern Iron Works (cannon and swivel guns)

American Rope & Tar (traditional boating supplies)

The Tinsmith

Flying Canoe Traders


Frayed Knot Art


Lions Den Arms (Cannon and small arms)

Jim Moffat Fine Cooperage

The Quartermaster General  (16th to 19th Century)



Historic Sites

Fort Ticonderoga  

 Battle of Plattsburgh

Crown Point  

Fort Montgomery

Rogers Island

Fort La Presentation

Constitution Island

Mabee Farm Historic Site


Marine Suppliers

Hamilton Marine

West Marine

Defender Marine

American Rope & Tar



Tall Ships Nova Scotia 2009


Discussion Groups

Age of Sail Maritime Alliance (ASMA) Discussion Group (Open to ASMA members only)


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18th Century Boats (Open to the public)


Naval Groups

Pettiauger Mercury

Vessel Black Sheep

Glover's Marblehead Regiment

Ship's Company

The Historical Maritime Society

HMS Richmond 

HMS Somerset



History of Grog

Nautical Terms


Articles and Publications

          Seven Years War

General Arnold in the News


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